Our Story

Chilo Story started when a young boy was brought up in Hong Kong surrounding by all different types of cuisines, and the craft of innovation in the county.Along with being brought up in a household where food was made fresh daily by his mum which made him take an interest in helping in the kitchen. At such a young early stage of his life he gained a passion for cooking food.

Once moved to UK he got involved in many different industries however the main focus was always in the food industry. This got highlighted in his last job as a truck driver for 4 years driving all around UK. The lack of quality food encountered during the founder’s experience around Glasgow encouraged him to continue making his dream a reality. He was passionate about a uniquely creative menu, impressive surroundings and exceptional service.

In 2017, the founder along with the support from his wife they decided that would give their community a casual dining experience featuring the freshest ingredients and the most inventive menu. The aim was to serve excellent quality food, offering more people the chance to try and eat non-processed and all-natural foods.  To bring the founders vision in to reality, we cooked and ate many burgers and other dishes until they hit the perfect spot!

After exploring the UK food scene for the past three years and seeing the growing trend of diners wanting to know where their food comes from, how it is prepared and the story behind it, we settled on the concept of Chilo’s in March 2020.